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If you have chosen to have your loved one buried or their ashes interred in a churchyard or cemetery, you are able to have a memorial stone erected in remembrance of them.

A headstone can be erected six months after the burial of the deceased. We have worked alongside a local stonemason for a number of years and we are more than willing to help assist you in the design, style and inscription you wish to choose.

Due to regulations certain stones and styles are not allowed in some churchyards and cemeteries. We have a good local knowledge of what is and is not allowed, if we do not know we are more than willing to contact the appropriate person and find out for you.

View the Cotswold Collection Memorial Brochure: Cotswold Collection Memorial Brochure (PDF)


Ashes into Glass

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Charitable Donations

We do not make any charges to look after Funeral Donations.

When making funeral arrangements you will be asked if you would like us to process any charitable donations. You might choose to ask that mourners bring flowers to the funeral or suggest that a donation to your chosen charity is preferred. We will happily receive cash or cheque donations to our office either in person or via the post.

Monies are held for about 3 weeks after a funeral in our dedicated "Charity/Client" account until being sent off to the nominated charity. We will at this stage also provide a full list of donors to the bereaved family for their own records. We ask the charity to send their formal receipt back to the family for complete peace of mind.

If you have any questions about this service then please do not hesitate to contact us.