Burial or Cremation


If you choose to have a burial, we can arrange for this to be done in a new or existing grave. You may wish for your loved one to be laid to rest in a churchyard or cemetary. We will try our utmost for the deceased to be buried where they/you wish. However, due to some regulations out of our control, there are some restrictions in certain areas, but we will advise you on this at the time. If you require and other burial arrangements we will be more than willing to help.

After the Burial

Once your loved one has been buried we like to allow approximately 6 months for the ground to settle. We can then arrange with a local stonemason for a memorial stone to be placed on their resting place.

We have brochures that will help you choose shapes, colours, materials and inscriptions and we are more than happy to help you with any questions you have about your memorial stone.

We are also able to provide additional inscriptions, re-lettering and cleaning of existing memorial stones.

Due to certain regulations, we must ensure the design and material you have chosen is accepted and applicable within the regulations of the deceased's resting place.


If you decide to have a cremation, we will help and guide you in arranging either a full service or a commital service at the crematorium.

Although some families wish to have a service before the cremation in a different location, such as a local church, then a commital at the crematorium, this can be easily arranged for you.

You can also have a full commital service at the crematorium first, then a memorial service afterwards in your desired location.

You must have a service you feel would suit yourselves and the deceased.


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After a Cremation

There are a number of options after the deceased's cremation. You can have the ashes buried, scattered or keep them.

If you wish to have the ashes buried they can be laid to rest in a churchyard, a memorial garden or in your garden. This allows you to have a place of remembrance and worship, where you are able to place a memorial stone. We can help you choose your memorial stone, by guiding you on what colour, shape, material and inscription to have. We use a local stonemason, who is more than willing to create the design you require.

If you scatter the ashes, this can be done in your own garden, on a family grave, in the grounds of the crematorium, in a special place the deceased has requested, or a place you know was dear to them. Certain areas require permission from the appropriate authorities, but we can find this out for you.

If you decide to keep the ashes we can arrange for them to be placed in a special casket or urn of your choice. In addition we can have a small amount of the ashes placed in a piece of jewellery, such as a specially designed locket for you to keep.