Coffins and Caskets

There are a number of coffins/caskets available for you to choose from. We have simplistic through to elaborate styles, in a range of wood effects and colours. Below are a few styles which we can offer you:

The Pusey Coffin (£385.00) is an elm effect coffin suitable for burial or cremation, with brass effect plastic handles.

Pusey Coffin 1

The Hatford Coffin (£480.00) is an oak veneer coffin with brass effect plastic handles and is suitable for burial or cremation.

Hatford Coffin 1

The Carswell Coffin (£530.00) is an Oak veneer coffin with panelled sides and brass effect plastic handles. This coffin is suitable for burial or cremation.

Carswell Coffin 1

The Barcote Coffin (£600.00) is a dark oak coffin with panelled sides and a raised lid, with brass effect plastic handles, and is suitable for burial or cremation.

Barcote Coffin 1

The Buckland Coffin (£1455.00) is a solid oak coffin with routered side panels and a raised lid. It is fitted with solid brass handles and is suitable for burial only.

Buckland Coffin 1

The Kingston Casket (£1950.00) is the finest traditional solid oak casket with ornate profiled corner pillars, panelled sides and ends, framed hinged lid with deep raised centre.

Kingston Coffin 1


Colourful Coffins (POA) offer a number of different picture designed coffins. You can choose a design from their brochure or have a bespoke design created especially for your loved one.

Colourful Coffin 1Colourful Coffin 2Colourful Coffin 3Colourful Coffin 4Colourful Coffin 5Colourful Coffin 6

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The Somerset Willow Company (POA) are a fourth generation business who create and specialise in making eco-friendly coffins such as woven willow caskets and coffins. In addition their sister company Natural Woven Products can offer a number of different materials such as seagrass, cane, cocosticks and loom.

Somerset Willow Coffin 1Somerset Willow Coffin 2Somerset Willow Coffin 3Somerset Willow Coffin 4

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